Secret Beach Spotlight: Seitan Limania  in Chania

Here at we know sometimes on holiday you just want to get away from the masses and enjoy some peace and quiet.  We aim to make this happen and highlight the beaches in this series that only the locals know about.  Here is the first secret beach in our series: Seitan Limania.

You wont find throngs of tourists here, just a handful of locals and sometimes not even a soul.  On the quiet days you can enjoy the gorgeous warm waters, white sandy beaches all to your yourself.

The locals wont mention these beaches normally as they like to keep the secret beaches to themselves but this beach in Chania is too good not to share with our loyal visitors.

Finding the beach

In order to reach the beach, drive towards Chania airport. After turning towards the airport, look out for the signs for the village Hordaki.

As you get to the entrance of Hordaki village take a right and just before the hill which leads to the mountain Skloka, you turn right again towards the church of Saint Rafael.

Drive by the church of Saint Rafael and keep following a  a twisty downhill road  leading over the beach, where you can park.  Park up and leave the windows slightly ajar to let in the breeze and cover your steering wheel with a towel(you will thank me when you get back in that you don’t burn your hands)

Then head down the dirt path on foot and you will reach the charming beach of Seitan Limania. Its a rugged, rocky path with local flora and fauna on each side (jagged spiky bushes at times) so wear decent shoes rather than flip flops.

There is nothing on the beach at all in the way of toilets or refreshments so pack a cool-box with plenty of water and food to keep you going through the day.  Remember the temperatures in Crete in the height of summer can reach the mid 40s so take an umbrella and towels for the hot sand.


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