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Learn to Speak Greek

When going anywhere abroad, it helps to learn the basics of a language, and Greece is no different, the Cretan people really appreciate any attempt to learn their language, and it can help immensely.  Below we have compiled a few Greek phrases and sayings for you to use and may help your conversation in Crete to a great extent.

When learning Greek it helps if you can also hear the words spoken, after scouring the web we found some very helpful videos on learning Greek and have provided them here along with the basic Greek phrases.

These are the most basic phrases, even having these will help you immensely in Crete and most Greek people are happy to teach you that little bit more.  There is a 7 part video series on learning Greek that is a must see.  The video series if from YouTube and is completely free to use.  If you want to try a more in depth course in learning Greek then we suggest trying one of the advertisers on this page.

Learn to Speak Greek on Video - FREE!

Some people find it easier to learn Greek when they hear the sounds and words.  We have compiled an excellent video series that you can watch and take notes from.

The learn Greek video series lasts for 7 episodes we recommend watching each video a few times and practicing what you have learnt before moving onto the next video.

By going over 1 video at a time the phrases and key words have a chance to sink in and means that you wont forget what you have learnt.

Remember though that most Greek people have an excellent command of English and they will just be impressed you have made the effort. Its not a necessity to learn Greek if your visiting the major tourists resorts although it does help your chances or getting directions or a hotel for the night in the smaller rural villages if you can speak a little of the language.

Yes - Nai'

No - O'hi  (pronounced osshi)

Thank you - Efharisto' ( F Harrys Toe)

Thank you very much - Efharisto' poli'

You're welcome - Parakalo'  ( Para Calo)

Please - Parakalo'

Excuse me - signo'mi  (Sig No Me)

Hello - gia'sou  (Yiassou)

Goodbye - andi'o sas

So long  - gia' hara'

Good morning - kalime'ra (Kaly Mera)

Good afternoon - kalo' mesime'ri

Good evening - kalispe'ra (Kaly Spira)

Good night - kalini'hta (Kaly Nichta)

I do not understand - Den katalave'no

Do you understand - Katalavis

Do you speak ... - Mila'te ...

English  - Agglika'
How much does this cost? - Po'so ka'ni afto'

What is this? - Ti' i'ne afto'

I'll buy it.  - Tha to agora'so

I would like to buy ...  - Tha I'thela na agora'so

Do you have ...  - 'Ehete  

Do you accept credit cards?  - Pe'rnete pistotike's ka'rtes

1 Beer please - Mia Beera Parakalo


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Learning Greek fast Greek words Greek alphabet Greek letters  Cretan words

Open  - Anikta'

Closed  - Klista'

Bread  - psomi'

Coffee  - kafe

Tea  - ts'ai

Juice - himo'

Water - nero

Beer  - mbi'ra

Wine - krasi'

Salt - ala'ti

Pepper - pipe'ri

Learn Greek

Learn Greek > Guides to Crete > Guide to Learning Greek

Holidays2Crete Crete Summer Hotels

Learn Greek - 7 Part Video Series

Click each video in order to follow the course, remember to take notes.  There are a few easy phrases to help you along the way after the video course.  If you want to learn more then click the banner on the right to purchase the learn Greek package on offer.

Useful Greek Phrases

Wee have found these are some of the most commonly used phrases that you will need when visiting the island of Crete, take a note of them or print them off for use on your holiday.  Also have a look at
Crete language programs to take actual language courses.