Guide to the Nudist beaches in Crete

crete nudist beachEver felt like casting off your clothes and just being at one with nature, well even if you haven’t there are a lot of visitors to Crete who do this on a regular basis or has been part of their lifestyle for many years.  So we decided to write down a guide to the nudist beaches in Crete for all those naturists who have never visited this wonderful island.

Crete is one of the largest Greek islands and comes with a wide selection of amazing beaches all around the island.  We have travelled through most of Crete and counted there to be around 15 beaches on the Eastern side of Crete, 12 on the northern side, 13 on the west side of Crete and more than 30 on the southern side of Crete.

For those that haven’t tried it before and fancy trying it away on holiday where nobody knows you then you must know that nude sunbathing comes with a few do’s and don’ts – we will cover these here and give you a few recommendations to nude sunbathing in Crete.

•  Firstly the main do’s and don’ts of nude sunbathing are:  lewd behaviour is not tolerated, either is photographs or filming.  Don’t stare or gawp at others as this behaviour isn’t tolerated either.  By not following the rules you will be asked to leave a nudist beach.

•  Some beaches are split into certain areas, for couples, families, singles and gay.  Make sure you choose the right area to sunbathe in.

•  Remember to take sun block, if you have never been to a nudist beach before then you will burn badly as some areas of your body may never have seen sunlight….

•  Some nudist beaches are clothing optional, so if your not too confident these beaches may be the best start.

If your looking for nude beaches in Crete then we have listed a few for you start with.

For the east side of Crete try a small nudist beach near Hersonissos and Anissaras, its quite easily accessible shingle beach which sits at the bottom of a small cliff.  You can be overlooked by non nude people from the cliff areas, so if your a first timer or quite shy just be aware of this.

The south edge of the island near Sfakia has a wonderfully named beach called Sweetwater Beach.  This beautiful stretch gets its name from the springs of water that bubble under the stones at the back of the beach.  There is a Taverna at the western end of the beach where boats from Loutro and Chora Sfakia dock.  This beach is much more remote and can only be accessed on foot via Loutro.

If you need more information on nudist beaches in Crete then use Captain barefoot’s guide.


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