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Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Fishing in Crete

Fishing in Crete is still a very popular sport and depending on how involved you are you can go fishing from the shore with a pole or small rod or take a boat trip to go coastal fishing or for the angling mad a deep sea fishing excursion to catch Tuna and more.

There are not as many fish around the coastline of Crete mainly due to commercial over fishing and now outlawed fishing practices.  The fish that are around are smaller on the whole than they used to be but there are still some decent specimens to catch and they are always very tasty to eat if you plan to cook them later.

Shore fishing in Crete

We will start with shore fishing in Crete as it's the most associable option for all anglers visiting this wonderful island.  There are plenty of places to fish around the coast of Crete and you really have two types of fishing locations.  

You have the choice of fishing from built up harbours and ports which do hold some decent fish but they are very wary as get fished for everyday, or you can choose to fish of the rocky outcrops which jut out into the sea all over the island.

If you need to know tactics for shore fishing then we recommend going on light coarse fishing tackle with small hooks and using cheese paste, shrimps or worms for bait.

The locals will normally use a cheese or bread paste on small hooks fished with a telescopic pole or cane pole with a very small float, they ground bait with breadcrumb and are normally able to pick up small mullet and fry.  Greek fisherman sometimes fish for the smaller fish as these are barbequed in large numbers. If you manage to catch a grey mullet over a pound you will be a very popular person.

We have seen locals use a rather extreme technique for catching big mullet and although not the most sporting of methods it does work.  They buy a line which has been pre tied with about 30 or so hooks to nylon and take a chunk of crusty bread and wrap the hooks around the bread and cast out.  Eventually the mullet will wear down the bread and you stand a high chance of hooking one with this method.

If you're looking to go shore fishing in Crete then you need to be looking for slightly overcast days or days when the weather is a bit windy, quite easy in the windy summers of Crete.

Coastal boat fishing

Again this fishing is similar to the shore fishing tactics used but going out on a boat all day with an experienced captain can be great fun and while you fish the family can sunbathe.  The trips that are organised normally cost around 20 to 35 euros depending on where you are staying on the island.  Most boat fishing trips take place around the holiday resort of Agios Nikolaos.

The fish you tend to catch here are sea bream and black sea bream although you will find grouper type fish in abundance if your lucky but in all the years fishing in Crete I haven't been lucky enough to catch one but then again I'm not the greatest fisherman in the world.

Deep sea fishing

Opportunities to go deep sea fishing in Crete but not normally on organised excursions, its normally done if you know a keen local or a friend of theirs.  First time fisherman to Crete may find it hard to find that keen local but ask around and I'm sure someone will know someone who can help you.

Deep sea fishing in Crete and you can expect to catch tuna and large grouper such as White Grouper, Dusky Grouper, Yellowtail Amberjacks, Bonito and more.

Shark fishing off a boat can be an option but again it's all down to who you know in Greece as boat companies rarely offer deep sea fishing excursions as the demand is so low.

Underwater fishing

If your looking fir a different fishing experience in Crete then why not put on a snorkel and go spear fishing.  Spear guns are available to buy in Crete and Greece in most hardware stores.

If you go out spear fishing please be aware you can't do this off local beaches and must use places not surrounded by swimmers, so rocky outcrops with no swimmers are normally preferred.  Please be aware I'm not sure about the legality of spear fishing if you are not a local so please be aware and speak to locals

By spear fishing you can expect to catch Octopus and even your good enough possible Sea Bream and Grouper.  Remember to avoid any sort of eel especially the Moray eel which is venomous and not be approached.

Hopefully this guide will help you if your interesting going fishing in Crete and we have also included a quick run down of some of the fish you may encounter on your travels.

Remember if you have any fishing tips or tricks for fishing in Greece then please contact us and share them with other like minded fisherman.

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