Vai Beach

For those visiting the east of Crete a great attraction for sun worshipers has to be Vai beach near Palekastro. Vai beach has been voted one of the best beaches in Crete, Greece and Europe.

Vai Beach

Vai beach is a mainly sandy beach with the palm trees that surround the beach offering welcoming shade from the intense Cretan sunshine and high temperatures.

The beach itself is quite small, and the water is crystal clear and warm.  Be careful entering the water as there can be rocky areas and its slippery underfoot.

To get to Vai beach you can arrange to book a coach tour to the beach or hire a car, head to Palekastro and its just a further 8kms away.

The tropical beach of Vai

According to local myth and legend its said that the palm trees on Vai grew from the stones of dates thrown away by Arab pirates who used to prey on the island of Crete.  Now there are over 5000 trees that have colonised the area of Vai and make it so popular with holiday makers.

The beach of Vai itself has been awarded a blue flag for its cleanliness, and there are a few facilities and cafes offering light refreshments such as cold drinks and crisps.

There are umbrellas and sunbeds for rent on a daily basis, but most people just bring their own towels and umbrellas.  If your going to visit Vai beach then be prepared for the crowds of people that visit the area.

The beach in the summer can be quite hectic and busy.   If you fancy exploring a little there are two other small beaches to the North and the South of Vai, and all it requires is a short walk over some rocky outcrops.  The beaches on either side are much quieter and secluded and do attract naturists at certain times of the year.

What to do on Vai beach

There isn’t much to do on the beach, apart from what most people visit for which is sunbathing, but there is a small selection of water sports available from pedalos and water skiing.

The price of water sports is minimal and allows you an hour or so pedaling around the crystal clear waters.

If you have been to Vai beach in Crete then please feel free to comment on your experiences and rate the beach so other visitors can gauge if its worth visiting.

Getting to Vai beach

The best way to get to Vai beach is by hiring a car, and the beach opens from 7am until 9pm, you cant stay overnight as the beach is now a protected area due to misuse in the 70’s and 80’s.

You can also use the public bus services which will only set you back a euro or 2, the buses run from Sitia and Palekastro and the average time from Sitia via bus is 1 and a half hours.

The beach of Vai is well signposted, and remember if you drive to Vai you will have to pay parking of 2 or 3 euros unless you find a free area.