Paleohora is a large village on the south west of Crete and popular holiday destination for those looking for a holiday off the beaten track.

Holidays with a difference

During the high season this Paleohora gets very busy with tourists and holidaymaker’s, it’s small in comparison to some holiday destinations but it has everything you would need from a Cretan holiday.  You can get to the village very easily by local bus from Chania or by renting a car, when the last bus leaves for Chania in the evening the small village comes alive with the sounds and scents of Cretan Taverna’s cooking up the local catch of the day in preparation for a busy night.

Sit back and relax in Paleohora

Paleohora is one of those villages you could just sit in a local cafe or Taverna and watch the world go by with a frappe or ice cold beer.  The beaches in this area cater well for the holidaymaker and you will find plenty of sun loungers and beach bars here to cater for your taste.

Paleohora sits on a peninsula with with Pahia Halikia the pebble beach facing east, and Pahia Ammos the sandy beach facing west.  The sandy beach of Pahia Ammos is always the busier of the two beaches.

The reason this small village of Paleohora seems to always be so busy is the daily arrival and departure of ferries from around Crete and Greece.  Jumping on a boat or ferry means you can explore further the smaller villages of Crete and even Agia Roumeli which sits at the end of the stunning Samaria Gorge.

Exploring a little further

If you want to explore into the town of Paleohora then your in for a  treats, the streets are all very well laid out and its easy to find your way around, but between the browsing and shopping that its guaranteed you will do, its best to sit and relax in a cafe bar or two.  The ones most recommended are Atoli, with full internet access and oriental which sits on the beachfront of Paleohora.  Take a climb up to Paleohora castle and the surrounding areas and you will find isolated churches and some unique flora and fauna around this area.

If you choose to holiday here you will have a wonderful time interacting with the locals, exploring the countryside and village beaches, and remember you’re only a stones throw away from Samaria Gorge, one of the top 5 things to do in Crete.