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Kokkini Hani, Crete. A small quiet resort close to the airport

Kokkini Hani

Kokkini Hani is a small holiday resort just 10 minutes drive from Heraklion airport and the first tourist village you will see as you come out of Heraklion. The village itself is perfect for those looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Kokkini Hani

Kokkini Hani village itself has 2 main beaches and a variety of shops on the main road.  There is a nice selection of restaurants in Kokkini Hani as explained in the guides below.  You are close to other main resorts like Gouves, Gournes and further on the town of Hersonissos.

The most popular time to visit Kokkini Hani is the summer months between May and October where the main temperatures are between twenty and thirty degrees.

Things to do in Kokkini Hani

If your looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday then Kokkini Hani is for you, walk down to the seafront and you will find 2 beaches, the largest one is to the left of the resort as you go towards Heraklion, this beach is sandy and well equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas available to rent on a daily basis.  The area has a small cafe bar and access to some water sports.

The other beach is smaller and less popular but its a hidden gem, all the same.  The beach is a mixture of sand and shingle and you can grab refreshments from the local supermarkets that sit above the beach.

During the day in Kokkini there are some small archaeological ruins you can see, which sit just to the right of the only Chinese restaurant on the main street.  They haven’t been fully excavated but interesting all the same.  If you want to see more then we would recommend visiting Knossos Palace or Malia Palace.

In Kokkini Hani there are some excellent places to fish due to the rocky outcrops around the area or if snorkelling is more your thing then you will be spoilt for choice.

If your looking to keep the kids entertained then you can take them to the local Ostrich farm, the only one on the island or even to the Donkey Sanctuary, if they want more then Watercity is reassuringly close, only a 10 minute drive up the mountain behind Kokkini Hani

You can also visit Crete Aquarium which has been built quite recently in Gouves on the old American Naval base. The aquarium houses all the native fish from the seas around Crete and is a great day out for you and the family.

Kokkini Hani nightlife

Kokkini Hani isn’t known for its lively nightlife although you will find a small selection of local bars which serve well priced drinks including local beers and cocktails.  The bars you will find are on the main road or high street running through Kokkini Hani with a few ion the mountain road up to Anopolis.

The Taverna’s and restaurants in Kokkini Hani are very nice and if you visit during the summer you will find Ostrich on the menu which is a rare treat and must be tried.  We enjoyed visiting Asterix Taverna on the main road towards Gournes but there are quite a few other restaurants all serving up excellent Greek dishes and some English food.

If you want to experience a great night out with drink and food included then see your holiday representative about Greek night, this is a night out in Anopolis mountains, you get to the village and you’re greeted by locals in traditional Cretan dress serving you up a glass of Raki.  After this you have a chance to wander around the local village and see the small church at the end of Anopolis village.

After browsing the local area you are taken into the large amphitheatre where they serve up a huge buffet of local Cretan and Greek food and unlimited bottles of the local Krassi wine.  The wine be to everyone’s tastes but after a few glasses you wont even taste the wine anymore and will be wanting to get up and join in with the Greek dancers that entertain you throughout the night.

Greek night in Anopolis mountains has to be experienced and for only forty odd euros it’s well worth it.