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Analipsi Village - A hidden holiday gem on the island of Crete


Analipsi is a small quiet village situated between Hersonissos and Gouves on the east side of Crete.

Where to find Analipsi

Analipsi or Analipsis is a hidden gem on the island of Crete with only a few hotels and apartments available, this is the perfect holiday resort to get away from everything.  The village is easy reachable from the main national road, taking a left off the national highway and following the small winding road down past orange and lemon groves find you in the coastal village of Analipsi.

Analipsi being a Greek village first and foremost is filled with life all through the summer and winter.  The population of this small town is just over 1000 people and the welcome you receive is typically Cretan and friendly.

The small village is only starting to come to peoples attention due to the fact Thomson holidays chose this area to build its own all inclusive holiday resort called Sensatori.

Sensatori is covered more in detail here, but for those who would like a brief explanation its one of a handful of the companies man made resorts.  The resort is fully inclusive and there is a wide choice of bars, Taverna’s and entertainment every night.

Amazing beaches

Getting back to talking about Analipsi, the first thing you will notice is the lovely beach that surrounds the village.  Lyttos beach is a nice sandy beach with beach service including sun beds, umbrellas and a beach bar or two.  Lyttos beach has great availability for water sports including jet-skis, kayaking, pedalos, windsurfing and more.  

The beach also has won a blue flag award for its clean beaches and waters.The long sandy beach is popular all through the summer months, but its never too crowded.  The video to the right is a small picture of the wonderful beach and crystal clear seas surrounding Analipsi.

You can see a map of the village by clicking here, this gives you a rough ideas of the village size and what it has to offer. Apart from sunbathing and enjoying the water sports there is plenty more to do in this wonderful village.

There is a small river the runs into the village called Aposelemi River, within this river you can see terrapins that have grown quite large and a large proportion of freshwater fish swimming within the river.

Following the river leads you into a more mountainous area, and onto the gorge above Analipsi.  Is not a large gorge like Samaria but all the same you will see some lovely scenery.  As you venture into the gorge and along the river you will find a deserted village near the mountain of Agriana.

What to do in and around Analipsi

There are a few select Taverna’s and bars in Analipsi, some of the more popular would have to be Sirtarki Taverna, Athina Bar and Eleni Bar.  When visiting these bars the village is so small and visitors easily remembered the owners will always know your name, sit and chat and offer you an occasional shot or two.

If you want a bit more varied nightlife then you can venture into Hersonissos where the bars and clubs are open late.  Taxis from Analipsi to Hersonissos will only come to around 10-15 euros each way.  


In the daytime Hersonissos is also excellent for shopping with varied designer shops, local gift and trinket shops and electrical stores where you can pickup some excellent tax free bargains.

The capital city of Heraklion is also close by and offers some excellent sightseeing opportunities as well as some great duty free shopping.  You can catch the bus from the main road and it only costs a couple of euros to get to Heraklion.

There are a number of small travel agents within Analipsi so you can book various tours around the island includingKnossos Palace, Santorini and Spinalonga to name a few.  Also if you have brought the family on holiday then your very close to Watercity and AcquaPlus Waterparks.


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