Platanias was once a mainly agricultural village, but now it has become one of the most cosmopolitan resorts on the west of Crete.

Popular Platanias

Popular with tourists from all over Europe and the UK Platanias welcomes tourists and holidaymaker’s all through the summer.

The village has a wealth of popular bars and smaller clubs, as well as some excellent Taverna’s and restaurants.

Getting to Platanias is very easy and it sits just 10 km away from Chania, the 2nd largest city in Crete.  The first sight you will see when you arrive in the area is the rock of Platania, according to local myths and tales the rock was the site of the ancient city of Pergamos and the tomb of Agamemnon.

A town of contrasts

There are two parts to the village of Platanias, like most villages in Crete you have the old town which begins on the steep hill, the houses here are covered in lovely red, pink and white flowers and are charming and traditional.  

Moving down the steep hill of Platanias you come into Kato Platanias or the new village, this is where the village becomes more modern and you see more of the bars, restaurants and shops.

As you will find out, the resort is very cosmopolitan and now has a thriving club scene, which a bit like the Balearics is very cool and relaxed, with visitors looking for top DJ’s and great funky bars.  This also translates onto the beaches where you will find regular beach parties during the day and night.  One of the more popular beach parties is when George Makrakis & Nikos Diamantopoulos, two excellent local DJs play.

Platanias is great for those who want to enjoy a different side of Greece and Crete.  Its not too overcrowded and not too quiet but the resort offers everything you need to enjoy the perfect Cretan holiday.

The beach of Platanias is lovely and sandy, and runs through the whole front of the village, the beach is well looked after and you will find beach bars and excellent beach service.  Sunbeds and umbrellas are available but just as in the rest of Crete they come at a small charge of 3-4 euros.

If lounging around on sun loungers is not your idea of a holiday then there is plenty more to do and see.  Why not go scuba diving in Platanias or take a boat trip round the local seaside resorts.  There is also the resorts of Balos, Gramavoussa and Samaria Gorge to visit.

Colourful Houses on Spinalong Island in Agios Nikolaos


Agios Nikolaos in Crete
A night to remember

Platanias is attracting a lot of attention for its excellent clubs and the DJs who play in Platanias.  After living in Platanias for some time and experiencing the bar and club scene that is slowly emerging there we can offer the best choices for you to visit on your holiday.

For some excellent bars then try Eclipse Bar, a very popular small bar in Platanias.  Also try out Utopia, which is a lovely bar, with 2 levels and is well decorated and you can enjoy some excellent cocktails here.

For the best club then try Mylos Club, this is a large well recommended club in the village and has the latest dance, trance and funky house tracks every year laid down by the DJ.  The club does some good drink deals and has an excellent light show every night.


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