Malia is the go-to town for party goers in the height of summer with a great mix of white sandy beaches, 24 hour bars, pubs and clubs as well as some great places to eat.

Malia is where the Inbetweeners Movie was set and partially filmed, also featured on the BBC reality show Sun, Sex and Suspicious parents.  Also the home of the original Club Reps TV show featuring the antics of Club 18-30 reps in the party resort and even more recently where the cast of Geordie Shore ended up partying.  The town is as modern as Greek towns get and the nightlife is world class. 

The main strip is called Malia Beach Road and is jammed with clubs and pubs playing the most up to date tunes, classic club bangers as well as 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, RnB, Hip Hop, Funky House, Dance and Garage.  The pubs are a eclectic mix of classic Irish, Scottish and British Pubs cobbled together with  Italian Brasseries, Chinese restaurants, Wing Shacks, Smokehouses and some of the finest Traditional Greek restaurants you will find in this area.

The town has it all though, you can go on bar crawls with your reps through the night and relaxing at your hotel pool or beach during the day.  You can hire mopeds and quad bikes and travel around the area and visit quiet beaches and interesting sights, these are quite cheap to rent but you must be careful as driving in Greece is different from the UK.

When to visit

If your thinking of taking a holiday to Malia then you need to know what to expect at the time of season you go on holiday. In April and May in Malia you will find it very friendly and chilled out, this is when the workers arrive in Malia and not everywhere is open.  Malia in April and May is how it should be all season.

Moving into June and July the resort is much busier and everywhere has started to open up, all the clubs are open and the bar crawls are kicking in.  As it gets to the end of July and into August Malia is at its busiest and can get very crazy.

Moving into September and October you will see the resort slowly shutting down and getting quieter, and this is where you will find most older groups start to arrive in resort, usually a few younger families and groups of girls and lads in their mid to late 20’s.

Colourful Houses on Spinalong Island in Agios Nikolaos


Agios Nikolaos in Crete
Malia Bars

There are so many bars and clubs in its hard to pick on the best ones, so from past experience of the towns hectic nightlife the list below is just a personal recommendation on where to visit at least once when you visit this amazing party resort.

Starting off the night in the many bars in Malia you will find yourself spoilt for choice, fortunately none of them are as quiet as the bar that the Inbetweeners lads went too in the first movie (it isn’t real by the way) One of the most popular and infamous bars in Malia has to be Help bar with its headfucker fishbowls.

Try newly opened Chubby Whites for a great start to your night, or if its being in the place to be seen then try out Malia Zoo Bar.  Some other firm favourites year after year are Corjers bar and Heaven bar on the main strip.

Malia Nightclubs

To experience the best of Malia nightlife then the first club you have to visit is
Warehouse Club (formerly Banana bar), its situated in the middle of Malia beach road and has an outdoor bar as well as a huge dance floor inside.  The barman are fast and friendly and do lots of shows within the bar including juggling fire, dancing and of course lighting up the bar.

The second club that has been a firm favourite and well established in Malia is Zig Zags, this is just down from Banana bar and plays some of the best RnB, House and Dance ripped up and mashed into the soundtrack for your summer.  Zig Zags is where the cast of Geordie Shore spent pretty much all of their time when the went partying in Malia in 2015.

Close to Zig Zags and Warehouse Club is Candy Club, this was built in 2008 and is an amazingly modern club, with 2 dance floors, multiple bars, excellent DJs and fast efficient bar staff. Candy Club is famous for its mash up of new and old garage tracks and RnB.  Expect to hear a lot of the newest house music tunes played here.

Moving up the strip on the right side you will find 2 of the most popular and well known clubs; the first being Mode Club which opened in 2014,   the other is Camelot club; the home of the original foam parties and guest DJ nights.

malia beach

The place to be

Colourful Houses on Spinalong Island in Agios Nikolaos
Lazy beach days

Malia has some amazing beaches, just looking at the picture you can see crystal clear blue waters and lovely sandy beaches.  During the summer the beaches at the bottom of Malia strip are packed out and each beach offers something different.  Most beaches have a DJ and MC at the beach bar and for some there’s no relaxing all day when you can carry on partying all day long, as well as getting a great tan.

Here is a run down of some of the main beaches, starting with the beaches closest to the nightlife and main beach road it goes from Bikini Beach, Mikes Beach, Dolphin beach, Pleasure Beach and now Malibu beach has gone the next major beaches are at the end of the town near Malia Palace.

Dolphin Beach has recently moved and got even bigger and better with watersports running everyday and at great prices.  You can jump on the Banana Boat, Half Pipe, Jet Ski, Half Pipe, Flying Fish, Water Skis, Pedal boat, parasailing and much more.

Of course there are many more beaches, and another firm favourite especially with Malia workers is Pleasure beach and Bikini beach.  If you intend to work in Malia there are always beach jobs available.  Watersports are available on the majority on beaches but if you are looking for a quiet relaxing beach head for Tropical beach.


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