Koustogerako is a charming little village set in the White mountains just 10km south of Chania.  Its sits about 500m up into the White mountains just past the village of Livada.  


The views and scenery in Koustogerako area are absolutely amazing, and its perfect for anyone wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of Chania.  The area is surrounded by pine forests, unique flora and fauna are also abound in this area.  You will get some stunning views over the valley and peaks of the White mountains.

The best and only real way to get to Koustogerako is by hire car, and its very easy to get too.  Once in the village you will only find a cafe to sit and relax in, the village does not have any hotels you can stay in.

One reason many people come to Koustogerako is its proximity to the E4 trial, you can walk as far as you like, but most people prefer just to photograph the stunning scenery and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Historic town

The village of Koustogerako was built into the mountains many centuries ago to avoid the pirates that would terrorise the coastal villages and towns of West Crete.

The village itself is famous within Crete for being the birthplace of Georgios Kandanoleon who was the leader of the Cretan resistance against the Venetians in the 1500’s.  It seems that the village has a habit of giving birth to strong willed inhabitants, the village has been destroyed and rebuilt 3 times after it being razed to the ground by the Venetians and more recently by the Germans during the battle of Crete.

Due to the heavy resistance given by the inhabitants of this village and surrounding villages the Germans executed the villagers and that of Livada and Moni on 1st September 1943.

 Even with the villages traumatic past, the villagers are very welcoming and offer a great Cretan welcome.  This is one village you must visit if your taking a holiday on the west of Crete.


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